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You can catch me over at SpeakEasy Stage playing the role of Jimbo in "Fairview" (directed by Boston favorite Pascale Florestal). Runs February 17th to March 11th. For tickets or more info, click here

One Shakespeare play. One drunk actor. What could possibly go wrong.....or right. I had the joy of working on not one but two fantastic productions with Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare in 2022. Taming of the Shrew ran from February to April; Romeo and Juliet May to July. You can support their current season by buying tickets here

A commercial I shot for Navigant Credit Union is finally airing throughout Rhode Island! Full advertisement above. Special shout-out to Hayroad Productions for such a smooth shoot.  

listen to sipu.jpeg

I had the pleasure of performing in Listen to Sipu to commemorate the first observance of Indigenous People's Day in Watertown. Done in collaboration with New Repertory Theatre. If my character looks smug, it's because he was. Directed by Tara Moses. Article about the performance can be found here


I made my TV debut on Julia with HBO Max playing the role of Avrum (season 1, episode 2 Coq de Vin). Keep watching season 2 - you may see a familiar face again at some point! More info about series can be found here.


I had an absolute blast playing Balthasar in Much Ado About Nothing as part of CSC's Free Shakespeare on the Common. This 90s-inspired take was a queer reimagining of Shakespeare's classic & received great reviews from critics! Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. 


For the past years with IBIS Consulting Group, I performed interactive theater as part of DEI training at Google. A noted element of these sessions was fielding questions in character, once the scene has wrapped. Organized by Emmy-award winning director and editor Teja Arboleda (along with many other driven, talented people at IBIS).


Released in spring of 2022, you can see me as Jason in Automate (directed by John Scott 3). Winner of several prizes and selections, including a Best Actor Award for myself at the London Shorts. For a full list of awards and other info, click here


You can catch me making the indy festival circuit in the short Smile directed by Ivana Strajin. Official selection for the 2022 Boston Independent Film Festival & the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival! IMDB page here. Trailer above.

146,000 views on Youtube! I'm featured in Crowd Pleaser, a horror short directed by Lucia Tarro. Official selection of the Film Girl Film Festival, 2022. Whole film available above!

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