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Beyond Words runs at Central Square Theater from March 14th to April 14th (Jon will be playing the role of Alex the Parrot). From the CST Website - "Alex is an African Grey parrot. Irene is a researcher at Harvard University....this highly theatrical new work tracks their 30-year research experiment turned love story and asks: in a world where we are rapidly destroying animal habitats, just who exactly are we sharing our planet with?"  Directed by Cassie Chapados, and written by Laura Maria Censabella. To buy tickets, click here. 

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In December, Jon returned in first recurring tv role as Avrum for season two of Julia. Now streaming on HBO Max. More info about series can be found here.


Jon spent November shootingThe Minuteman Motion Picture Trailer Show.  "Essentially an anthology, made up of trailers that show the rise and fall of a regional filmmaker and his production company. We cover a great space of time with the first trailer being from 1949 and the last in 1999." Directed by Desmond Mahoney. More photos from this shoot are available in the gallery. 

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Jon spent the fall performing in New Repertory Theater's final season with A Raisin in the Sun DIASPORA! (with the former being named a top theater pick of the year by the Boston Globe). A Raisin in the Sun was directed by Lois Roach, playwright Lorraine Hansberry; DIASPORA! was directed by Pascale Florestal, playwright Phaedra Michelle Scott. 

Jon had a blast shooting this online ad for KFC - special thanks to Humankind Casting, the Maggie Agency and Red Sky Studios for such a great day. It was a pretty chill morning of eating chicken sandwiches. 


Last winter, Jon appeared as Jimbo in Fairview with Speakeasy Stage Company (directed by Pascale Florestal). This production earned rave reviews as well as three Elliot Norton Award nominations. For the Boston Globe review, click here

A commercial Jon shot for Navigant Credit Union is finally airing throughout Rhode Island! Full advertisement above. Special shout-out to Hayroad Productions & the Maggie Agency for such a smooth shoot.  

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