Theatrical Reviews

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"Of course, the Hub’s technical prowess wouldn’t mean much if the cast members weren’t on their game. Fortunately, the ensemble gives it their all. Elias and Vellante are dexterous at providing just the right touch of sharp-tongued wit to Beatrice and Benedick’s spats." (Arts Fuse, Much Ado About Nothing. For full review, click here.

"Jon Vellante as Black Stache, the precursor to Captain Hook, gives a stellar performance and his antics on stage are so much fun. He plays the part with energy and a flamboyance that sets the tone for the entire production. Vellante is not afraid to ham it up. His performance is brilliant." (Portsmouth Herald, Peter and the Starcatcher. For full review, click here.) 

"It may be cliche for a poet to be named Dylan but he is fully realized by Jon Vellante with a combination of geekiness, ardor and warmth." (Broadway World, Desire. For full review, click here.)

"I love everything about this production, and that includes its first rate cast. Jon Vellante, John Manning, Kelly Young and Olivia Z. Cote have blissful comedic camaraderie..." (digboston, A Midsummer Night's Dream. For full review, click here.)

"Call Apollinaire Theatre Company's labor of love revival of Three Sisters an opportunity to feel like a part of Chekhov's stage family...Jon Vellante proves a scene stealer as his alternatively chummy and sarcastic rival Solyony." (My South End, Three Sisters. For full review, click here.)

"The acting is very good overall and the ensemble works very well together....Jon Vellante, as the local jurist who opposes the inclusion of the African-American girls, is slitheringly distinctive and effectively creepy." (Boston Arts Diary, An Education in Prudence. For full review, click here.) 

"Hub Theatre Company's high-energy revival does indeed conjure a bit of magic, and that is owed in no small part to the impeccable ensemble of actors who are turning out one of the best ensemble efforts of the year.....Jon Vellante and David Makransky are both major assets." (digboston, Peter and the Starcatcher. For full review, click here.

"The cast is excellent....Jon Vellante is appropriately menacing as his character is shown to be more than a bit unhinged." (rabbit reviews, Heritage Hill Naturals. For full review click here.)

Floating in the Fourth. A short about the silence, the isolation and the boiling over many of us feel about quarantine. Directed by Greg Vellante with Kaboo(m) Pictures.

Film Samples

Jon recently worked with BU film and TV to shoot a speculative spot for the Boston-based company Lovepop. Shot by Seiji Wakabayashi and Elias Tapia. 

Jon had the pleasure to serve as the animation model for the main character in The Velvet Underground Played at My High School. Directed by Tony Jannelli and Robert Pietri, this animated short screened at about a dozen different film festivals including Tribeca, AFI Docs, and the Sydney Film Festival. For more info about the film, check out this page.

It's Uber Plane! Directed/edited by Alpay Andy Birdinc with Emerson College. 

In addition to acting, Jon has played acoustic guitar for the past ten years. With skills ranging from traditional chord strumming to fingerpicking, Jon has composed, sang and played for several productions. The above is a cover of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves.